Should Affiliate Marketers still consider PPC as feasible?

Should Affiliate Marketers still consider PPC as feasible?

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My overview of Affiliate Marketing Online was through the Yahoo Funds system which was offering through Clickbank. You can actually make funds using only Google Adwords in those days. You could easily obtain excellent keywords for which was then Google’s bare minimum quote of .05 (five cents). I remember spending $1,000.00 a day for clicks at .05 a item and doubling my money. Others performed significantly better, I’m certain.

Person have instances transformed, and never for the much better. Perhaps it would have a smarter particular person than me to know, however the Google Adwords bidding program has become convoluted, illogical and simply plain selfish.

Why is it that I could look for a term without competitive advertising as well as for which I use the keywords I’m bidding on in the advertisement’s headline and Yahoo won’t even begin showing the advertising until I’ve success $1.00, $5.00 or even more? This makes no feeling for me what-so-actually.

Google discusses the estimated cost getting dependant on relevancy, other and competitors elements, however, they are so vaguely discussed that one can only speculate at what Google is doing.

I just don’t observe how I could continue utilizing Adwords and making money at the same time. At .05 or .10 per click, I make money. With Adwords offers how they are these days, the margins are extremely slender or completely enjoyed up by simply click costs, that it’s difficult to make a revenue.

Given that Search engines is prepared to make it nearly impossible for me to generate money, I’ve made a decision to consider my business to other PPC suppliers

So, to the name of this write-up, “Is PPC still a viable Affiliate Marketing Online strategy? “. I do believe the correct answer is indeed, but not with the same ease of use that we’ve familiar with with the OLD Yahoo.

That foliage two huge boys to work with and they are generally exhibiting signs of development. Those two options are Yahoo (Overture) and AdCenter (MSN).

Very first, permit me to say that you simply can’t get as numerous mouse clicks by using these PPC vendors because they’re simply not as big as Google. Having Said That I believe than through the yen/yang of transform, Yahoo will loose company and those two PPC engines will gain.

MSN Adcenter: I actually have been tinkering with this Pay Per Click Marketing motor for any little while now and it’s great. An individual user interface is simple and it also provides very good estimates of where your ad shows (placement) and how many times it will be clicked upon based upon various estimate rates. We’ve always recognized that Google’s impression / click on quotes have already been rubbish. This really helps make selecting bid rates for MSN easy. On my initial few ads, it got over 24 hours for them to start off playing. I don’t know if this may enhance with time, but it’s type of a pain now. Also, Adcenter only operates within Internet Explorer because of ActiveX computer code that it operates on your container. This probably can make issues quicker, but it’s a pain for me because I use Firefox.

Yahoo/Overture: I employed Overture somewhat about a year ago and just found it way too hard to do business with. It was slow-moving, incorporating terms was difficult and it had taken them forever to trigger the advertising. The good news is that Yahoo is entirely revamping Overture and that i option they’ve figured out from the success of Search engines. The brand new Overture should be far better. I don’t determine if a beta will be operate or not, but it will be great to get in on it.

So I’m planning to shut off all Google Adwords promotions and work with Overture and MSN Adcenter for some time to view what goes on. I do believe PPC is still an excellent technique. It simply is sensible! (cents? ) However it will only work for us when we can accurately determine how much we have to pay for targeted traffic and that we can test promotions swiftly. round-the-clock setbacks in tests will make it too difficult to work with.